Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at the HK Prize

hk prize is one of the premier high school contests, rewarding academic achievements and extracurricular participation. In addition to monetary prizes, winners get the opportunity to conduct scientific research at Hong Kong’s premier facilities and broaden their global perspective. This encourages more students to pursue science – something that will benefit society in the long run.

This year’s contest had an unusual twist. In a surprise move, the judges selected the HK Prize’s two runners-up as the overall winners in each category. The runner-ups included copy editor James Cook for his report In the Green Fast Lane, and news video editor Zhang Tianyuan for her series on the development of Hong Kong’s electric vehicles.

The prize was founded to honor individuals who advance world civilisation and inspire others towards building a harmonious society. Past recipients have included selfless volunteers helping homeless people and scientists who developed liquid biopsy technology for faster cancer diagnosis. The HK Prize is open to scientists from around the world who work on research that is relevant and beneficial to humanity.

A panel of experts will review each application to select the finalists. This process will be conducted independently and objectively to ensure that no individual or organization exerts undue influence on the selection procedure. The evaluation criteria include scientific and technological impact and social value. The finalists will be notified mid-March, and the winner will receive a monetary award and access to Hong Kong’s premier research facilities.

Artworks that explore Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are being displayed at the Goethe-Gallery & Black Box Studio alongside thought-provoking panels, an awards ceremony and charity auction to support Justice Centre’s work for displaced people. The event is co-hosted by the EU Office in Hong Kong and Macao, and supported by the Deutsch-Hong Kong Foundation.

HK Prize is open to all enrolled secondary school students. Students are required to be nominated by their teachers and submit their entries online before the submission deadline. The judging panel will select 20 artworks for the shortlist, and the judge’s prize of HK$8,000 will be awarded to the best student artist.

HK Prize is one of the country’s premier contests, rewarding academic achievement and extracurricular participation. In addition to hefty cash prizes, winners get the chance to conduct scientific research at Hong Kong’s premiere facilities and broaden their global perspectives. The judging panel is made up of renowned scientists and scholars, and it is committed to selecting the most promising applicants in each category. The contest is also a great way to promote the importance of science and education to the community. Hopefully, the competition will encourage more students to pursue science and become leaders of tomorrow. This will greatly benefit our economy and healthcare system.