HK Prize Winners Announced at Gala Dinner

hongkong prize

Awarded to Hong Kong students with outstanding scholarship and achievements in community service and leadership. The HK Prize offers recognition, support and encouragement in their creative work, arts projects or further studies; increased international visibility via top-tier media coverage; and access to an incredible network of potential collaborators.

This year, a new category was introduced to recognise students who are passionate about sustainability and have demonstrated their commitment and leadership through innovative projects. The winner of this award was Jane Poon from Hong Kong International School, who is behind a series of initiatives including DGS Metaverse, which allows pupils to navigate a virtual campus and buy student-made products. She is also a member of the Youth Climate Coalition and an ambassador for Earthwatch Hong Kong.

The 2024 Sovereign Asian Art Prize results were announced at a gala dinner on May 17, with Pakistani artist Sameen Agha taking the Grand Prize for her sculpture A Home Is Terrible Place to Love. Other prizes went to Hong Kong artists Michelle Fung and Demet, who was awarded the Public Vote prize for his PPE, Paint Palette Emulation.

Despite the short cinema release, Hong Kong film Ten Years scooped best picture at this year’s Hong Kong Film Awards, tapping residents’ worst fears for the semi-autonomous city’s future under Beijing’s tightening grip. Director Ng Ka-leung’s vignettes were shot in a range of locations across the city and are believed to have upset Beijing officials.

Former martial arts star Sammo Hung, who received the Lifetime Achievement Award at this year’s Hong Kong Film Awards, started out playing minor, unattractive roles in the 1980s. His perseverance has seen him become one of the most beloved actors in Hong Kong history. Donna Ong’s documentary explores his life and career in this fascinating film that is packed with archive material.

In 2013, the Hong Kong First Feature Film Initiative was founded to spot new directing talent and fund their first films. The films have gone on to achieve success in the local and international markets. Actor Ronald Cheng, who is known for his comedy and flamboyant stage persona, started out in minor roles in the 1970s before rising to prominence as a Cantopop star.

The BOCHK Science and Technology Innovation Prize was established in 2022 to encourage scientific researchers and innovators in Hong Kong to pursue pioneering research, develop their innovative technologies in the city and use them for the benefit of society. It aims to enhance the local scientific and technological atmosphere further, and enable Hong Kong’s research discoveries and innovative applications to be recognized by the Mainland and even the world. The prize is administered by the Board, which consists of a Review Committee, a Compliance Oversight Team and a Secretariat. The Board is responsible for reviewing and interpreting the Charter, suggesting important scientific research fields to be considered, appointing members of the Review Committee and Compliance Oversight Team, and setting requirements for nominating experts. All decisions of the Board are final.