Sydney Pools

Sydney’s famous opera house and bridge may be the city’s top attractions, but its outdoor swimming pools are equally loved by residents and visitors. With one of the city’s iconic swim spots getting a much-debated upgrade, Gary Nunn revisits how the city came to embrace its pool culture.

Unlike indoor public pools, which are typically confined by concrete walls and lined with chlorinated water, the ocean pools found on Sydney’s rocky coastline allow surf to wash over their sides. These ‘wild swimming environments’, as Kate Rew, founder of Britain’s Outdoor Swimming Society, describes them, attract swimmers, artists and beachgoers for recreational, competitive and learn-to-swim programs. They also offer treasured forms of wave-play that are often a challenge to navigate in a wilder, less-controlled environment than their sheltered cousins.

The southern two-thirds of NSW’s coastline is largely sandy beaches, nestled between rocky headlands. The sandstone is ideal for pool construction as it is relatively easy to dig into, but stable over human time scales. This allows the pools to be sited on a foundation that won’t alter the shape of adjacent beaches or fill with too much sand.

With the exception of Bronte and Bondi, most of Sydney’s ocean pools were built in the 1890s. They quickly became venues for club swimming and diving events, and women’s bathing, a novelty at the time, was encouraged by the introduction of legalised daylight swimming in 1896.

Today, while some of the city’s older pools are closed for major upgrades, new pools continue to be opened and refurbished. A key goal of the NSW government is to provide every local area with an outdoor public swimming pool, and the state’s capital, Sydney, has more than its fair share.

The city has a total of six aquatic and leisure centres, which include a mix of indoor and outdoor pools. These are complemented by the city’s iconic surf beaches and ocean pools, which are the perfect place to get outdoors in summer and make a splash.

Sydney’s best-loved outdoor swimming pool is Icebergs at Bondi Beach. With a stunning view, delicious food and drinks and a great atmosphere, Icebergs is a must-visit.

A swimming pool is a popular addition to many Sydney backyards. It offers a great way to stay healthy and fit, enjoy the beautiful Sydney weather, and spend quality time with family and friends. However, owning a swimming pool comes with some serious responsibility, including keeping your pool safe. The NSW government has set high standards to ensure swimming pool safety, and it’s important to make sure you follow them. This article will discuss the major requirements for pool ownership in Sydney and how you can keep your pool up to code. The key is to find a trusted and experienced pool builder.